The Doors: Your Choice of Materials for Your Security Door

Doors are obvious entry points into your home, so they are on the front line when it comes to home security. If you have an old or poorly constructed door, no matter how good the locks are, an intruder will probably be able to force entry into your property. A high quality security door can deter and prevent unwanted visitors from your home. Below is an overview of the materials used to manufacture security doors.


Although steel might seem like the strongest material, the quality and composition of steel doors can vary widely. When looking to buy a steel door, you should make note of the gauge. The higher the number of the gauge, the thinner the steel used to construct the door is. As well as offering the best protection, lower gauge steel doors are also less likely to become dented and scratched. Damage such as this can remove paint, causing the steel beneath to begin to rust. Steel security doors are a very common choice of home, as they are secure, low maintenance and come in a variety of colours and styles.


A wooden security door should be made of solid wood. You should avoid doors that describe themselves as 'solid core,' as these doors use plywood and laminates which do not offer the strength of solid wood. While high quality wooden doors can be expensive, they can feature handcrafted custom designs which make them look pleasing to the eye. A wooden door should cope well with all weather conditions. You should ensure the door has been properly sealed during construction to prevent any warping or expansion of the wood, which could cause a door to stick.


Fibreglass doors offer the strength of steel, the beauty of wood and generally require less maintenance. Fibreglass doors are energy efficient and durable, making them the ideal door for any climate, as they will not expand or contract due to moisture or changes in temperature. Fibreglass can also be customised to take on the appearance of wood and other materials, so it matches the design of other features on your property.

By investing in a combination of a solid door and a system of locks, you can be certain that your home is secure. To ensure that security doors are properly fitted, it is best to call a professional service who will be able to visit your home and install the doors.

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