Common Types of Internal Doors For Your Home

If you are trying to remodel your home and you want to add internal doors, also known as interior doors, you have a lot of choices. Internal doors are used to divide rooms and to close up pantries, and they can add value and visual appeal to your home. Here are some common types of internal doors on the market.

Sliding Doors -- Sliding internal doors are mounted on track and may feature more than one door on that track. They are ideal if you have limited space, because they don't swing out, which means they take up less square metres in your home. Sliding doors are often used as an egress to a backyard, but you can also use them as additions to an open closet, preserving space and adding a decorative feature to your master bedroom.

Pocket Doors -- Pocket doors are similar to sliding doors, but they are typically just a single door that is mounted to a top track that is built into an existing wall. Pocket doors are useful if you have an open bathroom that you want to close for privacy. They are also beneficial in kitchens if you want to close off a laundry room from a dining area. The one advantage of a pocket door over a sliding door is that because the door is built into an existing wall opening, the tracks are hidden in the walls and won't show to the outside world.

French Doors -- French doors are one of the most popular types of internal doors. They have a unique configuration because they swing inward or outward toward each other based on how their hinges are mounted. French doors often feature glass panels to add more elegance and distinction, and you can select various types of wood to enhance the visual appeal. For example, mahogany is a rich wood that is expensive but makes your doors look elegant and expensive. You can also build French doors with unfinished wood that provides a rustic appearance.

Panel Doors -- Panel internal doors are flush doors that are layered with panels that are either square or rectangular. They can feature multiple panels, or one large panel that covers the entire doors. You can also customise your panel doors with glass if you want to create a more diverse look. Panel doors are a decorative choice that can fit just about opening in your home, including pantries, closet doors and laundry room doors.

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