Two common reasons why people decide to replace their garage door motors

Here are two common reasons why people decide to replace their garage door motors.

To make their garages safer to use

One reason a person might choose to do this is to make their garage safer to use. If, for example, their current garage door motor is quite old and doesn't have any safety sensors on, they might choose to upgrade to one that has these sensors. These safety sensors are designed to detect when there is a person or an object underneath or too close to the garage door when it's closing or opening. If they detect this, they'll prevent the door from moving until the object or person is no longer in the way. This addition to a garage door motor can protect pets and children, who might try to run past the moving garage door, from injury. Additionally, it can also prevent valuable items (such as tools) that the property owner may have mistakenly left beside the door from getting struck and damaged by it.

Similarly, a person might choose to replace their existing motor with one that comes with its own integrated light that switches on automatically when the motor is used to open the garage door. This feature could be helpful if the property owner often needs to enter their garage at night, as it would instantly illuminate the garage's interior and reduce the risk of them tripping over something on the floor whilst trying to find the light switch in the dark.

To upgrade to a garage door motor with smart-home technology

Another common reason people replace their garage door motors is that they want to upgrade to ones that come with smart-home technology. Many modern garage door motors are now designed to be used as part of smart-home technology systems, which allow those who have these motors in their garages to control them with their smartphones.

Upgrading to this type of garage door motor can make it much easier for a person to access and secure their garage. For example, if after arriving at work, they remember that they didn't lock their garage door, they can do this from their workplace, through an app on their phone. This could prevent someone from snatching items from within the open garage. Likewise, if someone (such as a tradesperson) needs urgent access to the garage when the property owner isn't around, the owner could open their garage door for that person using a phone app that is linked to their garage door motor.

For more information about replacing garage door motors, contact a local company.

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Here are two common reasons why people decide to replace their garage door motors. To make their garages safer to use One reason a person might choos

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