What to Look For in a Security Storm Door for Your Home

A security storm door is different than a standard door in that it will be more difficult for someone to break open or force open. A security door can keep you and your family safe and ensure your home is also safe when no one inside. Note a few features to look for in a security storm door before you make your choice so you know the best features and choose the best material.

1. Strike plate and doorjamb

Many homeowners who are shopping for a security storm door are concerned about thickness of the door and if it's hollow or not. However, when a thief tries to break open a door, note that he or she rarely breaks the door down the center. Instead, it's the strike plate and doorjamb that give way and allow the door to be broken down. The strike plate is the metal piece that holds the door's bolt in place; this is attached to the frame of the door and it has a hole in the middle. The doorjamb refers to the frame of the door. These two pieces are much easier to break than the door itself, and once they do break, the door is then open.

When shopping for a security storm door, consider the material of the strike plate as well as its size. Small, thin plates made of a flimsy plastic will not hold up under a swift kick or battering ram. You also want a thick doorjamb that is made of a solid material and not thin, lightweight wood. If you don't invest in a door with a solid strike plate and doorjamb, it doesn't matter the thickness of the door itself.

2. Material

While the doorjamb and strike plate are very important for a security storm door, so is the material of the door itself. Fiberglass doors are lightweight and hold up well under various weather conditions, but they're easier to splinter and break than steel or even wood doors. They crack more easily and may be pulled out of place with a crowbar.

Steel is very solid but may dent easily and needs to be fixed every time there is a crack or chip so that rust doesn't form. A solid wood door is actually very secure and resists damage and attempts at break-ins; although, it does need to be painted or otherwise treated regularly to keep looking its best.

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