How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door can be nuisance. It is usually caused by having loose parts and lack of lubrication. These are simple tasks that you can carry out yourself with a few simple tools.

Material Required

Visit your local hardware store to get all the tools that you need. You will need a screwdriver, a ratchet and a deep socket, a wrench set and a step ladder. You will also need grease, nylon rollers and replacement hinges.

Tighten All Parts

Create a checklist with all the basic maintenance steps you should carry out in order to ensure that your garage door doesn't make any more noise. The first of this is to ensure that you tighten all the nuts and parts using a ratchet and a deep socket. Be sure not over tighten them because this could result in them stripping the holes by pulling the bolt and nut heads through the screw holes.

Check for Worn Hinges and Rollers

If your door has been using track rollers with unsealed bearings then it is likely that with the passage of time they have experienced some serious wear. In some cases, they get to the point of wobbling whenever you're operating the garage door. The solution for this is to replace the steel rollers with nylon ones that have sealed bearings. They may be expensive but they last longer, are quieter and don't need to be oiled periodically.

When replacing the track rollers, do it one at a time. However, if your garage door uses torsion springs, stay away from the rollers located on the lower brackets. This is due to the fact they are under constant tension due to the torsion springs and therefore, they can result in injury if you choose to unbolt them.

Worn hinges are not as common as worn rollers. However, those that are sloppy are very noisy and can result in wear and tear at the joint sections of the door. Therefore, keep the hinges oiled. In the event that you see a hole where the hinge pin connects with its bracket, replace the hinge. Lubricate both the hinges and rollers using grease.

Check the Door Opener Chain

If the door opener chain is loose is noisy because it makes slapping sounds and causes the door to move jerkily as it hits the rollers on the track. Tighten the chain and lubricate the garage door opener with grease to fix the noise.

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