2 Very Effective Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Holiday Home

Having a holiday home is a dream for many Australians. However, if you, like many people, have bought a holiday house in a quiet, rural, or remote location, then you may be concerned about the security of the house when it's not in use. This is a valid fear, as many opportunistic thieves target known holiday home areas due to the decreased risk of detection. Fortunately, there are two very effective ways that you can make your treasured holiday home virtually impenetrable when you're not there.

1. Install roller shutters on your holiday home's windows

A roller shutter is an external shutter which, when closed, will completely cover your home's windows. These security shutters are made from thick aluminium, which creates a tough barrier over the most vulnerable part of your home. Roller shutters are generally operated by remote control and use a motorised roller to open and close the shutter, much like a garage door roller system.

It's important that you install roller shutters to all of your home's windows. A home is as only as impenetrable as its weakest point and even a tiny bathroom window can be accessible by a determined thief.

Roller shutters are not just good for increased security, they're also great for adding extra insulation to windows and preventing the windows from damage by debris during storms or heavy winds. They come in a wide range of decorative colours so they will add aesthetic appeal to your home as well.

2. Replace your external doors with more secure ones

It can be disturbingly easy for a thief to kick in a door, especially if your holiday home is in a remote location with no neighbours to hear the noise. You can make the job almost impossible for a would-be thief by making sure that all of your doors are made from solid hardwood or aluminium. These types of doors are far stronger than standard, hollow-core doors and doors that include panels of glass.

For added security, it's also wise to have high-quality security screens installed on all of your external doors too. This is another layer of security when you're not there and is a great way to enjoy fresh air in safety when you're using your holiday home. A deadbolt which penetrates deep into the door frame is another security feature which will decrease the likelihood of a thief being able to access your holiday home via a door.

While these security additions to your treasured holiday home may cost you a bit, you will be able to recoup some of the cost with the reduction of your insurance premium that adding security usually entails. Despite the costs, you'll also have the gift of peace of mind, which is priceless.

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