Why You Should Replace Extension Springs with Torsion Springs During Emergency Door Repairs

You should consider replacing the extension springs in your automatic garage door with torsion springs in case that garage door has been developing many problems lately. This article explains some of the key reasons why torsion springs would be a better choice during those emergency repairs. 

Greater Durability

Extension springs have more components, such as sheaves and cables. This makes the extension spring less durable because those components can easily wear out during day-to-day use. Torsion springs have fewer moving parts than extension springs. This makes torsion springs more durable because they have fewer parts that can break down and shorten the life of the springs. You will therefore have fewer garage door failures when you switch to torsion springs.  

Better Door Movement

Extension springs may cause the automatic garage door to make jerky movements during the opening or closing process. This is because the magnitude of tension within the door varies during the different stages of the operating process. For instance, the massive tension as you start to open the door can cause that garage door to open slowly. However, the door can move very fast during the latter stages of opening it because there is less tension in the door once it starts moving. These uneven movements can strain the door opener and cause it to wear out quickly.

Torsion springs move evenly because there is perfect balance throughout the door due to the presence of few components. You will therefore have fewer garage door opener issues if you replace the extension springs with torsion springs during emergency repairs.

Fewer Risks When the Spring Breaks

Extension springs can cause serious injuries or damage when they break. This is because the springs fly out of the door mechanism and lash out at anything in their way. This can result in massive damage to your vehicle in case the springs break when the car is within reach. Torsion springs remain on the shaft once they break. This makes them less likely to cause any injuries or damage to property.

Remember that not all automatic garage doors can be transformed from using extension springs to torsion springs. You should therefore ask an expert to assess whether this conversion is possible with your specific garage door before you purchase replacement parts that will be used during the emergency repairs that you would like to conduct. That expert will save you from wasting money on parts that can't be used on your automatic door.

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