Answering Some Common Questions About Security Entry Doors for Home

Security entry doors can protect your home from break-ins and potential intruders, and ensure that your property is safe even in high crime areas. If you're thinking about a security entry door for your home, note a few questions you might have about this type of door so you can know if it's the right choice for your property.

How is a security door different than a standard storm door?

Security doors are made of stronger materials that are more difficult to break through than standard wood storm doors; most security doors are made of steel, wood skins over a steel layer, or vinyl, all of which are stronger than even solid wood. Security doors also have a stronger, thicker frame that isn't likely to bend or crack, even if someone uses a pry bar to try to gain entry to your home.

Which is better, wood or steel?

When wood is used for a security door, it will usually be a skin of wood over steel or another material, as mentioned above, so the door is very strong. However, wood does still tend to absorb moisture and then expand and shrink over time, causing it to eventually bow or curve; it may then need some shaving or other maintenance. Wood also needs to be consistently sealed and repainted or stained. Since steel is stronger and needs little to no maintenance, it can often be the better choice for residential home.

Does a security door mean you don't need a deadbolt?

Security doors are strong against someone trying to literally kick in the door, but deadbolts also add to this security, as they help attach the door to the frame. It's also typically more difficult to pick the lock of a deadbolt than the lock of a door handle itself. For maximum security, you should still have deadbolts installed in the security door of your home.

Can you still install alarm systems with a security door?

Note that the wiring needed for an alarm system is usually run through the walls of the home, not through the door itself. If you want to add a special lock to the security door, such as one with a coded keypad, you can typically still do this with a security door. Your lock installer may need to know that you have a security door so they can bring the right tools for attaching the lock to solid steel, but adding wiring and drilling into the frame for additional deadbolts shouldn't be a concern.

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