Reasons to Install Security Doors in Your Home

If you're looking for a way to improve home safety, you may consider installing a security door. These provide a shield against intruders while offering further benefits. Consider the following reasons for such an upgrade.


Of course, the main task of a security door is to block trespassers from entering your home. These doors typically consist of a sturdy metal frame with a grill or strong steel mesh. They also should feature quality locks and be attached to prevent them from being wrenched from their frame. Make sure to install a model that has passed a series of standard tests, allowing it to be labelled a security door. Tests include someone attempting to kick the door down, trying to lever it open or otherwise trying to force their way past the door. If a model passes the relevant tests, it's then entitled to be sold as a security door. Alternatively, one that fails one or several tests might be described as heavy-duty or similar.


Security screen doors typically use metals such as steel or aluminium for the frame, grill, and screens. Some styles combine the metals, mixing an aluminium frame with steel mesh, for example. Both metals can weather the elements and last for many years. While aluminium naturally repels rust, it will typically be powder-coated in a paint layer that increases resilience. Steel is often treated with galvanising and powder-coating processes to protect it from corrosion.

Diverse Styles

Security screens come in diverse styles and colours, allowing you to marry them with your home. If you want to avoid a prominent grill and provide a clearer view through the door, you could install a high-grade stainless steel screen. The doors are available in a wide range of powder-coated colours such as beige, cream, charcoal and black. Additionally, security doors come in diverse models to suit various openings, whether French doors or patio sliding doors, for example.

Keeps Bugs Out and Breeze In

As well as making your home safer, security doors help keep bugs out of your home. Thus, if you have lights on at night, you don't need to suffer a mosquito plague indoors. Additionally, you can open your home to a fresh breeze while locking the security doors. That way, you can be in any part of your home and not have to worry about safety. Better night ventilation will help reduce air conditioning costs in summer.

For more information on security doors, contact a local door company.

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