Wardrobe Door Styles and Finishes to Consider for a Bedroom

If you're installing a bedroom wardrobe, two main aspects to think about are its door style and finish. Here are several possibilities to help you decide which wardrobe doors are right for you.

Door Style

A practical aspect to consider is the door opening style. You could choose a swinging, sliding or bifold design. A swing door will need floor space to open, so it's not the best option for a cramped bedroom. Conversely, a sliding door won't protrude in a small area, so you can place furniture pieces such as a bed close to the closet. You'll have more overall room layout options. However, a swinging door will create a wider opening and better access to the closet as it moves out of the way. A sliding door will block some portion of the wardrobe even when open.

A third style of door to consider is a bi-fold configuration that collapses sideways. These combine the advantages of the other two models. Bi-fold doors move to the side rather than protrude, making them perfect for small rooms. Plus, they fold away to reveal a wide opening for you to access the storage easily.


Once you've chosen your preferred door style, you need to consider its finish. Some finishes give the impression of a larger room. For example, mirrored doors will reflect the space and make it feel more expansive. Plus, a full-length mirror is practical in a bedroom, as bathroom mirrors often don't reach the floor. While you can fit the mirror on the inside of a swinging door, you can't with a sliding model.

Another finish that can create a spacious sense is glossy white laminate. Though these doors aren't as reflective as a mirror, they subtly reflect shapes and give a sense of dimension. Reflective surfaces also bounce light around a room so that it's brighter. Frosted glass doors also generate spaciousness by providing a hint of space behind the surface. The frosting will conceal some jumble behind the door, but it might not be the best option for a cluttered closet.

If your bedroom has traditional decor, you might opt for contoured timber wardrobe doors. You could install shaker-style cream-painted designs or go for a deep, polished mahogany colour. Darker colours can absorb light and give a cosy feel, which may be perfect in a generously proportioned room. However, because the wardrobe is such a large furniture item, it can feel overpowering in a small bedroom if it's too dark. You can also combine finishes if you custom-design the wardrobe.

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