3 Reasons Why Fire-Rated Doors are a Must-Have for Your Commercial Property

Unlike conventional doors designed from timber or other lighter materials that are flammable, fire-rated doors come with fire-resistant safety features. If you own a commercial property, installing fire doors can be vital during fire emergencies since they help slow down or block the spread of an inferno for a considerable amount of time. As such, this provides adequate time for people to evacuate to safety, salvage property and allow emergency services to extinguish the fire. 

If you still have doubts about whether to install fire-rated doors on your commercial premises, keep reading to learn some benefits you're missing.

Offer Protection to Occupants

By design, fire doors block and contain fire and heat. That means occupants inside the commercial premise get ample time to evacuate the building to a safer location. Apart from the fire risk, these doors can also contain smoke and toxic fumes that cause choking and suffocation. 

Uncontrolled smoke can also result in the combustion of hazardous substances within the premises, resulting in significant injury and enormous property damage. Therefore, consider installing fire-rated doors to minimise injury and fatality risks on your commercial property. 

Safeguards Business Assets

Another reason you need to install fire-rated doors on your commercial premises is that you'll rest assured that should there be a fire emergency, the damage wouldn't be as far-reaching hadn't you not prepared. 

Installing fire-rated doors typically means the difference between making a few renovations or rebuilding the entire building from scratch. Your fire doors will help your commercial business minimise the risk of potential damage and loss of assets in a fire emergency. Your business can recover more quickly after such an event. 

Provides Excellent Soundproofing 

If you thought that the role of fire doors ends at the point of offering fire protection and safety, think again. These doors are inherently thicker and heavier. Additionally, they are designed with excellent insulating properties that offer an extra soundproofing advantage. Your commercial or industrial facility might have sections whose activities generate excessive noises. 

You can install fire doors between these sections and the rest of the building to deter noise from reaching other spaces that don't require interruption. For example, if the commercial premise has a section that hosts welding, metal works or production activities, you can soundproof that area using fire-rated doors. 


Installing fire-rated doors is arguably beneficial to commercial premises. They help block and contain the fire, smoke and toxic fumes from causing injuries and property damage during a fire emergency. They also act as excellent soundproofing barriers. Hopefully, these three reasons should convince you to reconsider fire door installation on your property.

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